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Global Leadership for Sustainable High-Growth

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace.  It's not just about Digital Transformation and Big Data Analytics anymore.  The Global Trade flows are changing, Globalization is ending, and the Economic Cycle is in the lowest part...


Many companies and corporates aren't well prepared to face these Multi-Dimentional Changes at the same time and need additional Management Skills to lead through the Transformation for sustainable growth.

Today's skills aren't just about "Digital" or "Agile", but even more about "Cross-Cultural", understanding the VUCA world and the contradictions and paradigm shifts, recruiting Global Talent and coordinating teams to take advantage of emerging opportunities, specifically in the current Ambiguity

Bart has the background (Computer Science) and the experience (Worked in 4 continents) in this Globalized Digitized world where Culture and Cross-Cultural differences can actually facilitate the Transformation, High Growth and Sustained Success.


Success, Growth & Performance are generated by both Talent & Engagement together : integrated self-organizeing teams that are driven towards clear goals.

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Global Multi-cultural Senior Executive (CEO/COO/iNED) in B2B Services, Banking and Insurance creating high growth sustainable multinational Businesses. 

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Bart A. Pattyn: Belgian National - Global Citizen - Business Builder.

  • Technical Background (Master of Engineering in Computer Science)

  • Hands-on Leadership experience High Growth B2B Services companies in the Financial sector

  • Set up a network of 10 insurance companies in Latin America, increasing sales in 4 years from USD 7 mln to USD 130 mln and creating a Marketshare of 36%.  Sustained double digit growth (17% in 2017)

  • True Global Experience:  10 year Emerging Europe - 10 years Asia - 13 years North & Latin America

His strengths and the success of his teams comes from a deep understanding of what drives people in the changing VUCA environment, allowing integrated and synchronized team performance focussed on delivery of agreed objectives...


Professional Focus

  • Since 2021: iNED Board Member (Independent Non-Executive Member of Board of Directors).  

    • Member of «NEDA» (Non-Executive Directors' Association, London) and «GUBERNA» (Instituut for Directors, Brussels)​

    • Member of the Board of Directors of Argenta Bank & Verzekeringen Group. Member of Risk Committee, President of Audot Committee of Argenta Assuranties n.v.

  • Since 2019:  Interim CEO/COO focussed on Strategic Growth and International Expansion.​

    • Accredited Member of «IIM​» (Institute of Interim Management, London)

    • Assignments in Invibes Advertising s.a. (Digital Advertising - Strategic Growth, París France), Smart human Capital n.v. (Human Resources - Crisis Management, Antwerp Belgium), City of Nieuwpoort (Strategic Communication, Nieuwpoort Belgium), AeroMexico s.a. de c.v. (Customer Service Strategy, Mexico City Mexico).

  • From 2000-2018 Senior Leadership in Coface s.a. (Global Trade Credit Insurance leader)​

    • 2012-2018: Member of Group Executive Committee​

    • 2004-2018: President & CEO Coface Latin America

    • 2000-2004: President & CEO Coface South Asia pacific

    • Business Builder: started greenfield insurance companies in Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Acquired and/or integrated existing Insurance companies in Australia (Dexta), Brazil (SBCE), Argentina and Chile.  Coface Business in Latin America grew (Earned premium) from USD 7 mln in 2004 to USD 130 mln in 2008, created 36% market share, the industry leader.

    • Crisis and Turn-Around Manager: the credit crisis in 2008 was severe for the Trade Credit Insurance Industry.  Between 2008-2010, the business of Coface in Latin America was restructured, leaned and refocussed, and brought back to profitability in record time.

  • From 1985-2000 Leadership functions in Kredietbank/KBC Bank in various countries​

    • 1996-2000 Chief Executive officer KBC Bank India & South Asia.​

    • Assignments in Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Singapore, India and USA (New York).

Personal Focus and projects

  • Bart is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural global citizen and fluent in 5 languages.

  • 2021-2024 Member of the Board of Directors of «Noordzee Vliegclub v.z.w.», Fleetmanager responsible for 5 Aircraft.

  • 2017-2019 Member of the Air France-KLM Advisory Board in Mexico.

  • 2008-2010 & 2014-2016 President of «ALASECE» (Latin American Credit Insurance Association, Bogota, Colombia)

  • 2016-2018 Secretary General of «ALASECE», in Bogota, Colombia.

  • 2003 Expert on Singapore Government’s ERC (“Economic Review Committee”) 

  • 2002 Guest Faculty for APEC (“Asia Pacific Economic Council”) in Manilla, Philippines

  • Experienced aviator (Private Transatlantic flights) and global traveller (visited >60 Countries for business and pleasure)


Bart is a recognized “Business Builder” having started banks and insurance companies, both greenfield and post acquisition transformation and integration of companies, in Growth markets and created “winning teams” in the businesses he is involved with.

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