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Interim CEO for Growth

Bart is a senior multi-cultural and multi-lingual senior executive with a wide range of experience in «B2B-services» specifically in Banking, Insurance, Technology and Travel related sectors.  

Throughout his active career, Bart has been recognized as a «Business Builder» creating profitable and sustainable high-growth businesses, often in a multinational context.  


Bart has a clear focus on Growth strategy, which hinges on both engaged people and on a growth driven team structure. Bart’s experience includes Greenfield regulated entities and post acquisition integration, i.e. both organic and external high-growth.

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Bart’s experience, enthousiasm and drive is available for companies and corporates looking for growth and expansion, as a consultant with an hourly or daily rate, but also project based as Interim Manager.

Points to consider to accelerate growth

  • Regional, International, or Intercontinental expansion?

  • Organic Growth or through acquisitions?

  • Team structures and senior leadership designed to accommodate rapid changes?

  • Business development structure and teams, and adequate Pipeline management?

  • Business culture and diversity apt for rapid growth and inclusion of new team members with a different cultural background or a different professional profile?

  • Product range suitable for fast expansion?  

  • Products adjusted or adjustable for different distribution model?

  • Production capacity and IT systems scalable, cloud based and multi-lingual?

Interim Management - Growth Strategy - Commercial Acceleration - Transformation - Crisis Management - Turn-Around - Lean Management - Change Management - Keynote Speaker

Case Studies & Experience

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