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Bart A. Pattyn Management b.v. was incorporated as a Belgian "Besloten Vennootschap" (Private Limited Company) on 3rd May 2019, headquartered in Ramskapelle (Belgium) 


The company is active globally - initially focussing on Western Europe - and offering short and medium term management services to both family enterprises and corporates:

  • Interim Executive Leadership: "Interim Management Solutions" temporary substitution of a member of Senior Management or the (re-) constitution of a professional corporate management team 

  • Transformation & Transition Management: Digital Transformation, Integration related to Mergers & Acquisitions and Succession Management in a Family Business.

  • Crisis Management and Communication:  the day it goes wrong, efficiently dealing with the emerging realities and communicating to minimize the long term consequences

  • Key Note speaker:  International and economic situation

  • Travel and aviation:  as a global traveller, provide assistance and recommendations for Customer service for airlines, and design high value added luxury travel for adventurous explorers

Accredited Member of the Institute of Interim Managers (MIIM)

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Bart A. Pattyn Management b.v.

Registered Address:

Diksmuidse Weg 18

B8620 Ramskapelle


VAT: BE072.512.182

Interim Executive Leadership

Sometimes a Company or Corporate needs an extra skill or a different perspective to complement or replace part of the leadership.  That's when an Interim CEO shows value.

When a company is at a junction, in front of a new challenge, or planning to grow fast, new skills and competences may be required.

Recruiting Talent or growing the Skills in-house is a long and expensive process.  Interim  Management can create a fast-track solution to get the skills that you need and that you would need to execute your plans, in a very short term.

An Interim Leader is an experienced, multinational, multicultural senior executive that has a proven tract record in delivering results in both small entities and the corporate environment. The Leader has the skills to analyze your project fast and start with the implementation without going through a learning curve.


Bart A. Pattyn is such an international Executive, with experience in building and running companies across the world, bringing Business building experience to the table, and a capacity to adjust immediately to your corporate environment and Culturte.  

  • Building, Validating or Supporting your Strategy

  • Negotiating or coordinating the Tactics with stakeholders:  Shareholders, Board, Regulators, Management, Employees, Suppliers, Accountants & Auditors, Bankers and where required authorities.​

  • Get the team together to start the Implementation

  • Deliver the project, the Growth, the team and the results

  • And once it's work, prepare the team to scale up, and pass on control to the management.

Bart is available to strengthen your management team for fast paced assignments between 3 and 18 months. The Interim Management contract is with "Bart A. Pattyn Management b.v.", a private limited company incorporated in Belgium.  Management fees can be invoiced per hour or per diem

Transformation and Transition Management

Change is permanent and unavoidable.  The pace of change is ever increasing, putting strain on your management and stretching the organization.

A short term Transformation Manager guides the organization through the transition in a record time, while keeping your key staff members involved and engaged. 

Today all networks are abuzz with Digital Transformation, adapting business models to internet connectivity, instant customer service delivery, and subscription based sales models.  Digital transformation is not about ITC, it's not about websites and it isn't about abandoning bricks and mortar.  Digital transformation is about People, Teams and Change Management. 

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Experience when the situation becomes critical

Crisis Management

We live in an era of multiple crises.


The increase in the number of crises is due to a mixture of reasons:

  • global reporting and 24-hour news;

  • social media and instant reporting;

  • complexity within systems and logistics;

  • interdependence;

  • increased regulatory compliance;

  • rising consumer expectations and a

  • growing intolerance of poor or unacceptable corporate behaviour.


It is, however, important to highlight that any crisis, although an inherently negative experience, also affords opportunities for significant organisational learning, renewal and growth.


The purpose of the Crisis Management Service is to provide advice and training so that the Company and its Managers are better prepared for wide range of threats and to ensure that Executives are not fazed by a crisis, and to help a Company deal with complexities of navigating an acute crisis..


My approach is to focus on getting clients to better understand the nexus between risk, issue and crisis management, and to adapt a more strategic policy.

Conferences & Corporate Events

For Conferences & Corporate Events, Bart is available as Key Note Speaker or Panelist on subjects ranging from the

  • Global (Macro) Economic Context,

  • Corporate Banking & Insurance

  • Credit Risk Management,

  • Evolution of Sectors and

  • Impact of Technology shift,

  • Corporate and Private Travel,

  • Aviation Training & Security,

  • Sales Channel Development,

  • Targeted Customer Service, 

  • Premium Loyalty programs...

Aviation & Travel Expert

Simply based on personal experience as a high frequency Global Traveller, Bart can advise on Customer service in Airlines, Loyalty programs in Hotels, and on "things to do" for the experienced and adventurous traveller


Airline Frequent Flyers

  • Swissair Qualiflier Presidents Circle (1984-2002)

  • Singapore Airlines Krisflyer PPS (1998-2006)

  • AirFrance KLM Club 2000 (2004-2018)

  • AirFrance KLM Platinum for Life (since 2016)

  • LAN Chile Comodore (2006-2014)

  • LATAM Signature Black (since 2015)

  • One World Ruby for Life (since 2011)

Air France KLM Customer Advisory Board Member (since 2017)​

Average Flights per year:  150 (10% First, 54% Business, 33% General Aviation

Travelling since 1985 all across the globe (see map)

FAA & EASA Licensed pilot

Services for Travel Service providers

Clients:  Airlines, Business Aircraft Charters, Hotels, Travel Agencies​

  • Customer Service Advisory:  How to improve the customer experience to match best in class (Business, First, Private)

  • Customer Experience report:  How does your service match up with the expectations and the intentions of your company?

  • Customized Travel experience design:  How to make unique experiences for your high-ticket travellers

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